Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26, 1981: Minnesota North Stars vs. Boston Bruins Brawl

On February 26, 1981, the Minnesota North Stars traveled to Boston to take on the Bruins, what took place was a fight fest that ended with a total 84 penalties and 406 penalty minutes being handed out. The North Stars walked into the game with a 0-27-7 record in Boston and their approach to this game was beat them into submission with their fists. It didn't work as they were beaten 5-1 by the Bruins.

Just 7 seconds into the contest two fights broke out and from there on out a melee ensued. Right around the 8 minute mark fists started flying again, which led to a bench clearing brawl. Several North Stars players were ejected and on the way to their locker room they started fighting with some of the fans. The fight involving the fans also got a cameraman involved, he was trying to film the action when one of the North Stars players decided to make him the next opponent. The boos at the Boston Garden rained down on the North Stars as the players had to be restrained by security. Before it was all said and done 5 more fights had taken place and the two teams had set a record for penalty minutes in a hockey game. 3 of the 5 goals the Bruins scored that night came while they were shorthanded and the North stars walked out of that building without a victory in Boston in 35 tries. When the two teams met in the playoffs later that season it would be Minnesota prevailing over Boston with a 3 game sweep. The 406 penalty minutes in one game was a record for 23 years, then in March of 2004 the Senators and the Flyers rang up an astounding 419 penalty minutes in a game to take the title from the North Stars and Bruins. It would seem that no team would want to have that record in their resume but then again everyone loves a good hockey fight.

Here is some footage from that night in Boston:

This is an absolute classic moment, watch as John Wensink challenges the entire Minnesota bench:

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