Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 1963: The College All Stars Stun The Pack

On August 2, 1963, a group of College All Stars stunned the two-time defending champion Green Bay Packers 20-17 in front of a crowd of more than 65,000 at Soldier Field in Chicago. Some said that the Green Bay squad looked disinterested from the start, while the group of NFL hopefuls gave it their all as they pulled off the stunner. The hero of the day was Rose Bowl MVP Ron Vander Kelen. The Wisconsin quarterback's squad was clinging to a 13-10 lead with just three minutes to go when he found his college teammate Pat Richter on a short strike that turned into a 74-yard touchdown. The 20-17 score is a bit deceiving as the Pack scored their final touchdown with just six seconds to go in the contest. 

     The improbable victory was also highlighted by two key field goals by Miami of Ohio's Bob Jencks, and a Texas A&M's Tommy Janik who picked off a Bart Starr pass, which led to the first lead of the day for the All Stars. Beginning in 1934, the defending NFL Champion played the College All Stars annually until 1976, besides in 1974 when a labor dispute forced the game to be cancelled. The pros won 31 out of 42 contests. The college kids won nine, while two games were played to a tie. I don't know about you, but I would love to see this much more than watching the Pro Bowl. 


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