Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20, 1969: Baseball Celebrates The Moon Landing

     On July 20, 1969, all of America celebrated the moon landing, which included the ranks of Major League Baseball as play was stopped when it was announced the Eagle had landed. The finest display of patriotism came at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia when it was announced during the second game of a doubleheader between the Phillies and the visiting Cubs. The players from each of the respective clubs lined up along the baselines, looked to the sky, and joined the crowd in the singing God Bless America, after a moment of prayer for the brave men who had taken what might be considered the most historic steps of the 20th century. The World of Sports was most definitely a secondary story on that day, as one small step had been taken by a man, while one giant leap had been taken for mankind.

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