Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 1999: Brandi Chastain Leads The U.S. Women's Soccer Team To Glory

     On July 10, 1999, with more than 90,000 fans cheering on the United States Women's Soccer Team at the Rose Bowl in California, Brandi Chastain became a national hero when she scored a shootout goal that secured a World Cup Championship for the U.S. squad. The classic battle against China had no score on the board after the regulation 90 minutes of play, and after two extra time periods that were 15 minutes apiece the score remained 0-0. A shootout would decide it. Both teams put the ball in the back of the net four times before Chastain was presented with an opportunity to win it, and the opportunity would not be wasted, as she fired the ball into the upper right hand corner of the netting to secure the 5-4 victory. Chastain spontaneously ripped her shirt off, collapsed to her knees, before being mobbed by her teammates. Chastain's celebration is an embodiment of everything that is great about sports. Pure jubilation.

Watch the historic goal, and listen to Chastain reflect on it here:

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