Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30, 1993: Lunatic Stabs Monica Seles

     On April 30, 1993, an absolutely shocking incident took place when a crazed fan stabbed tennis star Monica Seles in the back during a changeover at the Citizen Cup in Hamburg, Germany. The name of the man who stabbed Seles was Gunter Parche, who had an obsession with Steffi Graff who was ranked #2 behind Seles. The stabbing happened as Seles was sitting in a chair. Gunter walked down an aisle in the crowd behind his victim and took out  a 9-inch boning knife and stabbed the her in between the shoulder blades. In a state a shock Seles arose to her feet, before collapsing as officials and her brother rushed to her aid. The man was subdued by security as everyone in the stands sat shocked. The repercussions from the incident were beyond measure. Seles would not only lose her ranking, it would take her until 1995 to return to the court. The psychological repercussions is something that she still lives with today. Seles, who had won three Grand Slam events before the incident won her fourth and final Grand Slam in 1996. Parche served no jail time after a judge found him mentally unstable, and was sentenced to two years of probation, and psychological treatment. The story of Seles being stabbed is a very sad story that takes away everything that is great about sports.

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