Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 1956: Frank Robison Goes Yard For The First Time

     On April 28, 1956, Frank Robinson of the Cincinnati Reds hit the first home run of his career during a 9-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs in front of a home crowd at Crosley Field. The future Hall of Famer hit 586 home a career that spanned over 21 years. 324 of them came in a Reds uniform. The first pitcher to give up a dinger to Robinson was Cubs hurler Paul Minner. Robinson teed off on the Cubs 54 times in his career, making them his number one victim. The Braves were in a close second as he parked 53 balls over the wall while facing them. The game in which Robinson did his first homerun trot was a wild one as George Crowe filling in for a benched Ted Kluszewski. Crowe hit two home runs of his own, and added a triple to the mix on the way to knocking in 5 runs on the day.

Check out the box score here:

Check out Robinson's homerun log here:


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