Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25, 1976: Hats Off To Rick Monday

     On April 25, 1976, the Dodgers toppled the Cubs by the score of 5-4 in Los Angeles. However, the score was not the story of the game. In the fourth inning of the contest a man by the name of William Erol Thomas lept onto the field with his 11-year-old son. Thomas had an American Flag under his arm, and he intended to burn Old Glory right there in the field. The centerfielder of the Cubs, Rick Monday realized what was happening and  swooped in and grabbed the flag to prevent the atrocity from happening. Police officers quickly subdued Thomas and his son, as the crowd of more than 25,000 gave Monday a standing ovation as the words "Rick Monday You Made a Great Play" flashed across the scoreboard. Monday was more than a ball player, he had also served in the Marines and knew the sacrifices that had been made for that flag. As the cheering died down, the crowd began to sing God Bless America. Monday had just become a National Hero.

Watch the incident and subsequent interviews here:

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